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Strength Training for Runners - Part Two | Strength & Workouts

Article by - Masimba Musa from Cornerstone Sports Performance

“Strength is the single most important trait for performance and injury prevention” – Dr John Rusin

I know I said Part 2 would be mobility and SMFR, but I wanted to get to the nuts and bolts of the strength training (let’s face it, that’s why you’re here). So, let’s get into the strength training.

This is a practical one, which means you’ve got to get up a try it. There will be a few options in here depending on whether you have access to equipment (gym). As always, before you step up your training, make sure you’re fit and healthy (cleared by your GP if necessary).

Beginners and those returning to strength training, this is where you start:

Get a movement assessment done focusing on your mobility. Being able to get into the right shapes and positions in critical in being able to advance (lifting more load/weight). You can find a good assessment example here:

Now that you’ve done your movement assessment (assuming there are no major issues), decide which days you will use as your strength training, running, and recovery days.

Circuit time (no equipment):Set an interval timer (download the Gymboss app on your phone) for 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds of rest for six rounds. You will do the circuit 3 times through.

Here are your exercises:

1. Squats

2. Butterfly sit-ups

3. Pushups

4. Supported v-sits

5. Mountain climbers

6. Dips

As you get stronger, you can reduce the rest time to keep the challenge.

Gym workout: Kettlebells or Dumbbells needed (Credit: Easy Strength – Dan John)

Simple Strength Workout

One arm press

Light 10 reps followed by Right HFS= Hip flexor Stretch

Medium 5 reps followed by Left HFS= Hip flexor Stretch

Heavy 10 reps followed by rest


One Arm Row

Light 10 reps followed by Right HFSR= Hip Flexor stretch with rainbow

Medium 5 reps followed by Left HFSR= Hip Flexor stretch with rainbow

Heavy 10 reps followed by rest

KB swings

Light 30 reps followed by Right BD= Bird dog

Medium 15 reps followed Left BD= Bird dog

Heavy 30 reps followed by rest

Goblet Squats

Light 20 reps followed by Right QTS= Quad T'Spine rotation

Medium 10 reps followed by Left QTS= Quad T'Spine rotation

Heavy 20 reps followed by rest

Turkish getups - 5 Each Arm

Loaded Carry - 1 x 30m carry Each Arm


As a runner, you know it’s vital to have strong legs, but let’s not neglect the rest of our body – it’s all connected! So, although it looks like most of the following exercises are lower body, there is a lot of indirect core work (and some direct too). Let’s be clear, the goal of our core strengthening work is to teach the body to resist movement not to create it.

For strength work I generally follow the 5+1 fundamental movements which are push, pull, lunge, squat, hinge, and the plus one is usually carry. So, what would this look like in a general cookie-cutter programme? Check out the link below for the table with reps/sets etc....

Two Day Programme
Download PDF • 125KB


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