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  • 6, 8 & 12 weeks

  • Personalised versions available (£30)                       
    (incl; recommended paces for workouts and runs & structure adjustment to fit your current routine)


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Disclaimer: These are generic plans aimed to provide some structure and workout suggestions. We decided not to create beginner to HM/Marathon programmes because we believe that new runners should build up distances and volume overtime to prevent health issues and injuries. None of these plans are pace specific but the HM & Marathon plans were created on the basis that you run regularly.
We aim to add to these and change them as we go and as we learn but chose the 4 key events to begin with!


Beginner - 5k Plan

(6 Weeks)

Beginner - 10k Plan

(6 Weeks)

PB 10km Plan

(6 Weeks)

PB Half Marathon Plan

(8 Weeks)

PB Marathon Plan

(12 Weeks)

Pre Run Activation Routine

Sharing a routine with you created specifically for Lily by Erin Taylor

(Athletes for Yoga)


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Disclaimer - This is a personalised version of our generic plans, the paces are suggested paces based off your goal
that you submit and are used at your own discretion.
This plan is there to provide structure and suggestions to help you with your goals.
We always advocate for athletes to listen to their own bodies and do what feels right and to always follow medical advice.

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